Letters from Residents

This is a letter sent to the Press, PBA President Boone, M&C and Governor Christie from Fair Lawn Resident Susan Swierczewski

August 5, 2010

I would like to take a moment to express my sincere thanks to the Fair Lawn Police Dept for all they have done for my family and I over the years.
My family and I as long time residents have relied on the “ First Responders “ known as the Fair Lawn Police Dept. on many occasions. Most of these occasions were for medical emergencies and each encounter was not only handled promptly and professionally, the Police Officers were also courteous, very caring and supportive.
Because of their commitment in serving our community, I hope this community will wake up, come together and join me in showing them our support! 
Did you know? Along with a recent increase in our borough taxes and water bill, the Mayor and Town Council members are in the process of downsizing our Police force.
Did you know that some of these Officers not only protect and serve our community  - they have also served our country abroad in our fight against terrorism?
Now, is this the way we thank them for all they have given of themselves?
It is said that in the 2000 census, we were a community of 31,000+ residents.  With having only one Police force, how does Mayor Tedeschi expect to keep our town safe and secure when he is pushing 4 officers off of the force?  (I was informed there are other Police Officers who have retired and others who will be retiring).
Looks like we, the tax paying community of Fair Lawn and the Police Dept, will be at a loss of 10 Police Officers by the end of this year. This will leave the community with approx. 54 Police Officers.   Did you know that in January 1964, the Fair Lawn Police Department had 43 officers?


Can we, the Fair Lawn taxpayers

 afford to be without any of the “ First Responders “?
You would all agree that this is a very unhealthy environment for the community and certainly not a safe environment for each of the Police Officers.
In today's world, the last place to cut corners Mayor Tedeschi is in law enforcement! 
Mayor Tedeschi, if you are having difficulty meeting a budget, perhaps you and the Council could take a cut in pay/benefits? Or, maybe take some “ furlough “ days.
So I ask again - How could a town that just had a very large increase in property taxes justify the downsizing and efficiencies of OUR Police Dept?

Where o’ where will that extra money go?

I don't have all the answers.  However, my wise younger sister has told me for years, "Those that don't vote, have no right to complain".  According to statistics there were less than 20,000 registered voters in this municipality. I was included in the over 12,000 people who were not registered.
I am no longer part of the 12,000, are you?
Please - it is time to act and get rid of this borough council’s craziness.
Its time to stand up to them and demand that they stop the madness of letting our Police Dept. get the raw end.
Members of The Fair Lawn Police Dept. deserve our respect, commitment and support!
After all, they are our First Responders
Susan Swierczewski